Our Brews

Giggling Piglet Cream Ale

This is our “gateway” beer.  The closest thing we brew for all of the “cold, yellow & fizzy” mass produced domestic beer lovers.  An uncomplicated American Cream ale that pours gold with basic malt backbone and a nose that contains hints flaked barley and corn and the flavor reflects this.  Angry Hog’s version of your favorite lawnmower beer.

Shut Up, Kevin!!! IPA

This Boldly Hopped sessionable IPA contains generous doses of Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops. The blend is surprisingly smooth and finishes with a nice citrus burst. The strong nose is backed with a mild malty backbone that creates a flavorful sessionalble IPA.  If you are looking for something like a classic American Pale crossed with a west coast style IPA- this one is for you.  It is co-owner/brewer Kevin’s favorite beer – order one and be ready to yell “Shut Up, Kevin!!!”

Dirty Pig Black IPA

Black IPA you say? Get ready for a one of a kind brew. This black IPA drinks much lighter than it appears.  Hopped with four varieties-Magnum, Chinook, Centennial and Citra.  This might make you think its going to be one rather hoppy beer. Standing on a dark malt backbone that will impart nuances of malty caramel with a lingering “toasty” presence, the hops hang in there nicely with notes that are piney and fruity.

Jimmy’s BB Gun Brown Ale

Named after the man that operated Jimmy’s Fish & Seafood for nearly 30 years in the building that is now our Brewery & Taproom.  Anyone who knows Jimmy knows his love for and HUGE collection of BB guns.  This American take on Brown Ale layers flavors of the gentle malt base with those of caramel, chocolate and just a hint of roasted coffee that give way to a unique hop character that might differ slightly from your traditional English Brown Ales.

Skinner's Hill Extra Pale Ale

Clean, dry, and somewhat hoppy. Highlighted with a slight citrus flavor added by the hops. This is a classic American Pale Ale. Pale caramel malts counter the heavy dose of Cascade hop and lend a sweet aroma and gives this delicious ale its medium body and dark gold almost amber color.

Muddy Snout Oatmeal Stout

Nothing fancy here.  A straight forward oatmeal stout that drinks smooth and silky with light nutty notes.  A dark malt backbone that gives this beer flavors of coffee, chocolate and roasted barley.  A traditional English Stout that is sure to please those that have a taste for a dark beer.

Small Batch Currently on Tap (sorry, no growler or squealers)

Oh Cherry! cherry kettle sour 

Coffee Cream Ale

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Fresh made root beer on tap